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“ヨクト(yocto)”とは国際単位系において最小の単位で、10−24 倍(=0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001 倍)の量を示し、語源としてギリシャ語の「8(オクタ octa)」に由来します。また漢数字表記では“涅槃寂静(ねはんじゃくじょう)”で表され、これは仏教用語で、「煩悩の炎の吹き消された悟りの世界(涅槃)は、静やかな安らぎの境地(寂静)である」ということを意味します。



それは、一方向的に与えられる結果としてのデザインではなく、使い手それぞれが創造的に関われる可能性(余白)を考えることです。その余白によって、使い手と物との間に独自の関係性が生まれることで手放せないうれしい道具となり、生活をより豊かにしてくれるでしょう。 そこで初めてヨクトのデザインが成立すると考えます。




We believe that the ideal tool should incorporate itself in to the everyday life of the user and its beauty will keep growing as it is used.  
When working with a good tool, its charm will grow on you and inspire you to continue working with it for a long time.

Yocto is the smallest standard prefix for the SI units of measurement in the International System of Units.  (1 yocto = 1/1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000)

We start from designing a tool, which can be considered as a small unit of everyday life. We then expand our work to design furniture and further housing and environments for people to live in.

The process is like fractals, known as expanding symmetry: a tiny building block is similar to a large whole. 

Our products are made following three steps: designing, creating, and using. If we aren't happy with the finished product we will start the process again.

Forming a unique relationship between a tool and a user can increase the user’s happiness.  We want to emulate a complete connection between tool and user.
This is our companies goal.  
We hope that our designs will grow and even be transformed through communication with our customers.

古川 潤 Jun Furukawa






Born in Shimane, JAPAN


1998 B.A. in Architecture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo 

1998-2004 Worked as a carpenter specialized in the Japanese traditional method of construction

2004-2009 Independent as a furniture maker in Sumida, Tokyo

2009-2012 B.A. in Wood orientated Furniture Design, HDK Steneby, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

2013 Established "Atelier Yocto" in Hakusyu, Yamanashi  

佐藤 柚香 Yuka Sato




独立後は住宅や店舗などの設計業をするかたわら、墨田区向島で週末古材・古道具屋「una mano」を営む。

スウェーデンHDK大学STENEBYテキスタイル フリースタンディングコースを経て、2015年アトリエヨクトに本格参加。

Born in Tokyo, JAPAN


1997 B.A. in Architecture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo

1999-2002 Worked in the design office specialized in refurbishment of Japanese traditional houses

2002-2009 Established own design office 

2003-2006 Management to an antique shop "una mano" in Sumida, Tokyo

2010-2011 Free-standing course in Textile-Garment-Design, HDK Steneby, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

2015 Participated in "Atelier Yocto" in earnest




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