Wood Speaker







made in 2016

This wooden speaker stand for a Smartphone is like a primitive musical instrument without any Electricity. It is a simple mechanism to increase the sound by echoing the sound in the inner bottom space.

 As a result of various tests on the material, shape and the thickness, we chose the Alder tree as a material, which is used for a body of a guitar, for the sound and the lightness. By using it, the sound becomes soft and acoustic. Its round shape fits hands and widens the sound well

 It will be enjoyed everywhere, such as gardening work and outdoor activities, not only inside of a room.
On the back side, there is a cord slit that you can listen while charging and can also take it to the drive as it can fit in the car drink holder.
By using the optional holder made of leather, you can use it by hanging from your shoulder or hanging it from a hook or tree branch.


German Design Award 2018 Winner

Wood Speaker


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