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8 Market

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The first floor of the light-weight steel-frame house  82 m²


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Takane, Yamanashi


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completed in 2015 

Repair work for a showroom for local products, as one of the programs for local revitalization around Kiyosato-station (JR Koumi line).

In this showroom, processed foods, vegetables and goods made in Hokuto city are being sold, and there also is a cafeteria offering delicious meals with use of locally produced/consumed products. Most of the interior of the showroom, except for furniture, was made by ourselves with help of our friends, which achieved cost reduction.

We overlay an image of North Europe, which experiences long and cold winter like Kiyosato, with an image of refreshing woods in Kiyosato. The interiors are painted with various colors to make it look refreshing and playful.

The box shelves have several different sizes, and they are freely arranged by being hooked by hooks on the wall with holes on their four corners. The shelves have the same configuration as the benches in the cafe, so the drawers of the bench and the box shelves can be exchangeable, and shelves can also be used as a bench if it is put down on the floor.


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