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Two-story wooden building  66 m²


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Higashi mukoujima Sumida, Tokyo


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SHIGIHARA construction company


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completed in 2003

We renovated a Nagaya (a row house) that was built in 1927 which was previously used as a pharmacy. It is part of the "Hato Town Shopping Mall" in Mukojima, Downtown Tokyo. After the renovation, the building was used as a store which sells old materials and secondhand articles and was open on the weekend only. With the cooperation of the "Hideshina Shop" of Shinkiba, we intensively reused old timbers and old building materials in our renovation. Now the shop looks more original than when a previous renovation was carried out, allowing the store to blend into the shopping street which keeps its Showa period atmosphere.

Now it was changed to a new shop  "KOGUMA cafe" by new ower.


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